Sheba Microsystems is a fab-less semiconductor company that develops high-end MEMS actuators for optical solutions including autofocus (AF), Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and zooming for miniature cameras. With their high speed and high repeatability, low power consumption, and small size, the Sheba MEMS actuators are ideal for such applications.

Such unique features are enabled by a novel electrode configuration in micro-electrostatic actuators invented by Sheba. This novel revolutionary actuator platform was enabled by the Sheba µPistons™ technology, where thousands of micro-size pistons and tubes are fabricated within a small footprint to interact with each other and generate forces able to manipulate large masses within a structure able to resist sudden drops.

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Enabled by Sheba µPistons Technology

Sheba Microsystems has developed a complete MEMS solution to achieve optical image stabilization (OIS) and Autofocus (AF) for smartphone cameras that was possible with the Sheba µPistons™ technology. This technology has enabled a unique approach to achieving AF and OIS using a simultaneous lens-sensor-tilt; where the camera system consists of 2 actuators (one around the lens barrel and a second placed behind the image sensor). Each actuator has 3-DOF motion: pitch, yaw, and z-axis translation; both actuators move relative to each other to achieve AF and tilt simultaneously to achieve OIS, as shown in the video.

  1. Large Translation Strokes (150 microns for each actuator, 300 microns for the total stroke)
  2. Two-Axis Tilt/Rotation
  3. Tilt Angle (±0.8 – yaw and pitch)
  4. Large Force (130+ mg payload)
  5. High Speed: 200-500 Hz resonance depending on load
  6. Low Power:  <2 mW
  7. Ultra-thin:  0.5 to 0.6 mm
  8. Precise Positioning (sub-micron accuracy)
  9. Compatible with Large Lens Barrels: 7 elements, F#1.7
  10. Compatible with Large Image Sensor format (1/2.55) e.g. IMX362

See how it works:

Sheba MEMS AF and OIS Camera in Action

(Sheba will showcase it’s MEMS AF and OIS camera at CES 2019, Canada pavilion #1021, located in the Westgate – TECH EAST)

Low Light Conditions Photography

with the very precise motion of  the µPistons™ technology  (submicron motion) and high-speed actuation, higher performance optical image stabilization is realized.

Super Resolution Zooming

With the ability of shifting the image on the image sensor plane in a submicron motion, super resolution zooming is possible. While the resolution of Sheba MEMS actuators is <0.2 µm,  a 1 µm of lens barrel actuator tilt stroke, results in 0.2 µm image shift as illustrated in the video.

3D Depth Mapping

High speed motion of µPistons™ technology enables autofocus image stacking where a number of images at different focus positions can be taken in a blink of an eye. These images are processed to create a 3D map of the scene. The precise shift of the images can also be used to create image parallax for extracting 3D depth.

Bokeh Effect

3D mapping using µPistons™ technology enables the bokeh effect.

Sharp Images

Sheba µPistons™ technology provide 3 DOF motion including tilt about in-plane axes which could be used to correct for undesired static and dynamic tilts, so a crisp image is achieved.

Low Power

Power consumption is critical in hand held devices. Sheba µPistons™ technology consumes 10x less power than that consumed by the VCM.

Sharp Images
Instant focus
Long life battery